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Bear Meat

In addition to providing awesome Smoked bear sausages- we provide bear butchering and bear cutting services.
We only use local organic honey, and Canada’s favourite pure 100% maple syrups, in our Bear Sausages.
We mix every spice and ingredient with integrity and passion.

  • Honey Bear Sausage:

    A tad of orange, mace and sage with a hive of honey
  • Curry Bear Sausage:

    Apple, Marmalade, fresh ginger, cumin, all bathed in curry and coconut milk
  • Bear Brats:

    a fine blend of peppers, a back splash of caraway and all spice with a waft of cardamom
  • A Bear’s Breakfast:

    a mild but very tasty breakfast sausage lightly spiced with cloves, cinnamon, and the best of the Canadian norths’ maple syrup
  • Summer Savory Bear Sausage:

    Sun kissed summer savory, thyme and pepper makes for a happy bear
  • Papa Bear Sausage:

    For those who like it hot…ever been hugged by a bear?
  • Smoked Bear Garlic Coil:

    need we say more
  • Honey Garlic Bear Pep:

    Just a lot of organic local honey , garlic and Ancho Chili
  • "Smokie" The Bear

    Smoked to perfection for the best of Bears and yes… Bears like Jalapeno and Cheese!
  • Jerkie Bear:

    Sweet…Smoky…Salty and Peppery!

Bear must be cooked thoroughly and never served rare. Our smoked Bear Products are brought just over 154 degrees to be sure that you have a safe product to enjoy. Our sausages have no MSG.
Smoked products do contain a small amount of sodium nitrite.

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