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Wild Game Cutting/Butchering:

Preparing your wild game prior to custom cutting, butchering, smoking:

Like all meat, wild game needs to be handled properly.  Unlike domestic animals that go through licensed processing plants, meat from wild game is not government inspected.  This places a special duty on the hunter to field dress, transport their wild game in a manner that ensures the final meat product is as safe as possible for human consumption.

The safest way to prepare your wild game before you bring it to us for custom cutting, butchering, smoking or candying is to ensure proper field dressing. Big game should be field dressed immediately after the kill to protect the quality of the meat.  Do not wash out the body cavity with natural water sources in the bush. These are prime sources of contamination. Instead, use paper towels to wipe out the carcass. Keep the exposed surfaces of the meat as dry as possible.  The body cavity should be propped open to allow air to circulate freely.     Never use plastic wrap, bags or tarps to wrap freshly killed game carcasses or meat in the field, as plastic holds heat and moisture, and can cause the meat to spoil.

Ideally, wild game carcasses should be cooled as soon as possible. Inspect the carcass and the area of the wound. Any areas of blood clotting and tissue damage should be removed with a clean knife.

If left unattended, these spots become sites of decomposition that will spread to other areas affecting the quality of the meat.  If the weather is too warm and you do not have a means of maintaining the ideal conditions for hanging and aging, then the animal should be butchered as soon as possible. Before you go hunting or as soon as you have your kill, make sure give us a call to be sure there is room in the coolers and arrange to have the butchering done.

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