Bear Sausages: Delicious and healthy.

Honey Bear Sausage: A tad of orange, mace and sage with a hive of honey

Curry Bear Sausage: Apple, Marmalade, fresh ginger, cumin, all bathed in curry and coconut milk

Bear Brats: a fine blend of peppers, a back splash of caraway and all spice with a waft of cardamom

A Bear's Breakfast: a mild but very tasty breakfast sausage lightly spiced with cloves, cinnamon, and the best of the Canadian norths' maple syrup

Summer Savory Bear Sausage: Sun kissed summer savory, thyme and pepper makes for a happy bear

Papa Bear Sausage: For those who like it hot…ever been hugged by a bear?

Fresh Sausages

Wild Game Sausages:

We only use the best ingredients to make our popular fresh and smoked sausages. We're always coming up with delicious and different recipes for your family…after they're tested on ours!

You'll be able to taste the difference that handpicked herbs and spices and carefully crafted recipes make in our wild game sausages.

Available in the following formats:

  • Breakfast - small link
  • Dinner - large link
  • Sausage coils - approx. 1 lb.
  • Squealers - sausage patties
  • By the pound! - no casing at all
  • Gluten Free
Fat Moose Sausage

Some popular fresh sausage recipes are:


Fat Moose Sausage

Some of Our Favorites:

Bombay Breakfast Sausages: Sweet curry with pineapple toasted coconut, cumin and fresh ginger.

Blue Beary Breakfast Sausages: Wild blueberry and honey- what else for a bear?

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